M.IS what you want me to be

"In order to stay focus on your mission you just have to block out all the bullshit. It's easy to acheive a dream if you stay focus and sacrifice a little, and remain determine. The bigger the dream the harder you might have to grind for it, but everything takes time. You just have to have extreme patience."-Scott "Kid" Mescudi

Top 10 Favorite Movies

I am currently thinking of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. Now for people that know me pretty well they would probably think I would have 8 of those top 10 movies being movies that Denzel Washington has a role in because he is my favorite actor. But sad enough out of the 3 movies I have he isn’t any of them. And plus this is movies not acting, he is definitely number one or two if it came to favorite actors. But when I’m thinking of a movie to be a top 10 I want a story or a deeper meaning behind it than what we just see on the screen. For example, in Avatar the director was an environmentalist and made the movie in his way of saying we as people are killing something so precious & beautiful (Earth) because we want all of it’s resources. Movies like that is what I’m looking for ones that symbolize maybe something greater or at least something that I see differently than just a common blockbuster.

blAH blAH blog

so I began to realize that an easy way to make connections is to have a blog that is well put together…although Tumblr is free I plan to use this as a stepping stone to maybe get into another type of blog and further my skills is publishing things online

I am currently working on a mixtape that is going through very well…that I believe is almost likeĀ a Lupe style of lyrics because I use tons of word play…besides me BIG Sean is finally famous due to his new album “Finally Famous” which is a dope album btw and anybody that likes music should get it…Seeing what Big Sean has done to get him where he is now has inspired me greatly to realize grind hard and anything is possible…don’t listen to the bullshit the critics and everything else if you are doing something you love then stick to it even if the world hates you for it…do whatever it is you want to do because you love it not because somebody else is telling you to do it…any who…first blog…just a jumble nothing special…think I’ll be trying to post my own lyrics or “poems” you can call them and hopefully somebody will recognize my talent…we shall see how this goes…I’lll try to keep up to date on this and post frequently